Create Your Own Functional Byers’ Wall From Stranger Things

 NOTE: Sorry there is not a lot of detail at the moment. I wanted to throw this together as quickly as possible since it’s Halloween time. I will update it soon with more detail. If anyone has any questions or runs into issues, comment here, or hit me up on Twitter.



  1. Configure the Raspberry Pi
    1. Install Raspbian
    2. Install python
    3. Install Redis
    4. Download and compile NeoPixel
    5. Fix bug with Raspberry Pi GPIO drivers
      1. This may not always be necessary, but it was for me. If the lights are flickering randomly and not lighting to the specified colors you probably need to do this.
  2. Wiring (WIP – Will improve the detail at some point)
    1. Power adapter to power splitter
    2. Power + to + on breadboard
    3. Power – to – on breadboard
    4. + breadboard to red LED wire
    5. – breadboard to blue LED wire
    6. Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 12 (GPIO18) to LED blue/white wire (the one with the connector)
    7. – breadboard to GPIO pin 14 (ground)
  3. Twitter
    1. Create a Twitter API account using the instructions here.
    2. I recommend creating a new account and not using an existing account for security purposes
  4.  Software
    1. Git clone the code found here:
    2. Edit
      1. Update each of the Twitter API constants with the corresponding key from
    3. Start Redis in the background
      1. cd <redis install path>/src
      2. redis-server &
    4. Start the script
      1. sudo python

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